Used G&L USA ASAT Junior Old School Tobacco Burst /case


$ 1,899.99 $ 1,499.00

This is a very cool one off from the collection of Dean Coy.

Dean has been longtime G&L consultant, Co-webmaster of GLguitars, and owner of dcworks.
"This Asat Junior start life at the G&L factory on Sept 16 1998 but had an "finish" accident and was returned to the factory for repair. The body was replaced for that guitar and sent on it's way. However I happened to be at the factory the day the body was going to be sent to the woodshop  for destruction. I made the suggest instead of throwing it out, could they refinish it in what is now called "Old School Tobacco Burst" for one of my dcworks guitars. They complied, having Malcom, the head painter at G&L spray it up. After it was finished G&L VP David McLaren saw how that finish looked over a Mahogany body wood and decided that would be the finish of the soon to be released G&L Asat Super model in 2004. lThe guitar was assembled at the factory by Gene Englehart with gold hardware and Sperzal lock inking tuners. The MFD Pickups were custom wound by Johnny McLaren for a hotter wound on the bridge and the neck pup is wound to the Custom Classic spec. After having several necks on the guitar I settled on a Mahogany one made in Nov 2004. 
  The custom wound pick ups gives this guitar a nice balance output between the two pick-ups and a little growl out of the bridge than a stock JR.  The finish and gold Hardware make this a stunning looking ASAT that
would be a great add to your G&L collection. "


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