Jackson Audio Prism Special Edition Blue

Jackson Audio Prism Special Edition Blue

Jackson Audio

$ 259.95

The PRISM – SPECIAL EDITION have been anodized Blue and feature laser engraved text!

Give your board some color and update today with the PRISM SPECIAL EDITION!

Designed as the ultimate tone shaping tool for a player’s pedalboard, the PRISM is a buffer, boost, preamp, EQ and overdrive all in one beautiful and compact stainless steel enclosure!

Much like an optical prism, which takes white light and breaks it apart into the different colors, the Jackson Audio PRISM takes your guitar’s natural tone and allows you to boost it, shape it and transform it into a new tone that is uniquely you!

Use it shape your tone, slam the front of your amp or add new dimension to your existing pedals, any way you use it, we believe the PRISM will be the cornerstone of your rig for many years to come!

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